Christmas Photos at Kindred Oaks

It’s that time of year again! Stephanie hit me up for some family photos and she had the perfect idea for a location. Kindred Oaks is an event/wedding venue up in Georgetown, TX and after all the weddings I’ve shot over the years I had still never been there. It is a really great spot but one thing that definitely make the locations unique is their huge, white wooden LOVE sign.

Check these out! I also recreated a vintage family photo from generations back, in a time in which the exposure speed was so slow that people didn’t smile in photographs.

20141123-BrettSteph1 20141123-BrettSteph4 20141123-Hopkins Family Love2 20141123-Hopkins Family1 20141123-Swing Boys1 20141123-Swing Group1 20141123-Swing Son 20141123-Terra2 20151124-HopkinsFam Vintage 2

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