Little Red Riding Hood Themed Engagement Shoot!

What a cool couple! Sabrina & David are having a Grimm’s Fairy Tale themed wedding coming up so they asked me to shoot some fun engagement shots. They brought a wolf mask, some interesting props and even even got attacked by some friendly ducks as we tried to feed them.

20140720-IMG_0846 20140720-IMG_0881 20140720-IMG_0898 bw 20140720-IMG_0910 20140720-IMG_0917 bw 20140720-IMG_0932 20140720-IMG_0938 bw 20140720-IMG_0976 20140720-IMG_0980 20140720-IMG_1007 20140720-IMG_1016 20140720-IMG_1052 20140720-IMG_1058 20140720-IMG_1143 20140720-IMG_1162 20140720-IMG_1169 20140720-IMG_1228 20140720-IMG_1246 20140720-IMG_1252 20140720-IMG_1254 bw

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